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Why should you text me for a massage appointment? Why should I come to your home to give you a massage? What makes me more certified than your last therapist?

These are valid questions that have a solid answer. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2010. I then when back to school where I spent the next 6 months studying to get certified in Sports massage. I have worked for a few different businesses to continue gathering experience and knowledge so that I can be the best at what I do.

I have worked for Chiropractic clinics, College athletes and spa clinics. Along the way I have taken several continuing ed classes from aromatherapy, breast cancer massage, hot stone/Himalayan stone massage, Rock Tape, stretch therapy, decompression cupping and trigger point therapy.

With all of this training, along with the 1000's of people I have worked on throughout my career I have developed my own style of massage where I evaluate each client then form a plan that will help them.

A few things that came up several times while massaging clients was; not wanting to get up and having to drive home after being completely relaxed after getting a massage or constant billing problems or having their massage cancelled on several times or; especially during these covid times, not being able to get a consistent massage every month because there aren't enough massage therapists. I have a set amount of clients that I maintain and once that level is reached I make it known on my website if I'm accepting any new clients. Many of these spa clinics don't do that. They're short staffed with no light at the end of the tunnel because the fact of the matter is there is a shortage of massage therapist. These clinics are just trying to fill their pockets with no real HONEST concern for the client.

There maybe some reservation with a few people when it comes to having a stranger in your home. I get that. It takes a level of trust to allow a stranger in your home. Research is key! Do your research!

I restarted my business. Pre-pandemic my business was Yvette's Mobile Massage 2 U but I have since changed it to Yvette's Massage. On my old website I had hundreds of reviews but couldn't get it switched to my new business. I know without a doubt I will have no problem re-establishing reviews from old clients along with new reviews from current clients. So, you are more than welcome to wait until all the reviews start coming in and do your research or you can take that chance on me being your massage therapist.

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